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Vice Admiral John P. Currier


Vice Admiral John P. Currier assumed duties as the 28th Vice Commandant in May 2012.

VADM Currier hails from Westbrook, Maine, and was commissioned from Officers Candidate School in 1976. He was designated a Naval Aviator in 1977. An alumnus of the University of Southern Maine, he holds a Masters in Business from Embry-Riddle University. He is a 1996 graduate of the U. S. Air Force Air War College and holds Level III Acquisition Program Manager certification.

During his career, VADM Currier stood the watch at six Coast Guard Air Stations. He was designated an Aeronautical Engineer in 1982. Other assignments have included Deputy Program Manager (Engineering) for the Coast Guard and Navy HH-60H/J joint helicopter acquisition at the Naval Air Systems Command, and Chief of SAR Operations & Director of Auxiliary for the Ninth Coast Guard District. VADM Currier served as Commanding Officer of Air Stations Detroit and Miami, then the world’s busiest air-sea search and rescue unit. Subsequently he was assigned as Pacific Area Chief of Operations, then Area Chief of Staff.

Promoted to Flag rank in 2005, VADM Currier served as Assistant Commandant for Acquisition at Headquarters, then as Commander of the Thirteenth District in the Pacific Northwest. He assumed the duties of the Coast Guard’s Chief of Staff in 2009, later transitioning that position to the Service’s first Deputy Commandant for Mission Support.

VADM Currier's awards include the Coast Guard Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal, Commendation Medal, Achievement Medal and others.

VADM Currier is a veteran aviator with over 6000 flight hours in Coast Guard and Navy fixed and rotary wing aircraft. He is currently the Ancient Albatross, or the longest serving Coast Guard Aviator on active duty. His professional recognition includes the Harmon International Aviation Trophy, the Alaska Air Command SAR Pilot of the Year Award, American Helicopter Society, Fredrick L. Feinberg Award and the Naval Helicopter Association SAR Aircrew of the Year, all awarded for rescue operations.

Career History

1976 - Officer Candiate School

1977-1981 - Naval Aviator #1877 and AIRSTA Cape Code

1982-1984 - Aeronautical Engineer and AIRSTA Sitka

1985-1987 - AIRSTA Traverse City EO

1988-1990 - AIRSTA Astoria EO

1991-1994 - Deputy Program Manager (Engineering) for Joint H-60 acquisition

1995 - U.S. Air Force Air War College

1996-1997 - AIRSTA Detroit CO

1998-2000 - Chief of SAR Operations & Director of Auxiliary for D9

2001-2002 - AIRSTA Miami CO

2003 - Pacific Area Chief of Operations

2004 - Pacific Area Chief of Staff

2005 - Flag and Assistant Commandant for Acquisition

2007-2008 - Commander D13

2009-2011 - Coast Guard Chief of Staff

2012-2013 - Vice Commandant

2014 - Retirement

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