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Rear Admiral Henry G. Fisher


Rear Admiral Henry Granville Fisher

Died on October 31, 1955, at 8:40 P.M., at the Public Health Service Hospital, Brighton, Mass.

Cause: Congested heart failure due to hypertensive cardiovascular disease.

Buried from Ft. Myer Chapel with full military honors, 9:00 A.M., Thursday, November 3, 1955, (Protestant, Episcopalian) at Arlington National Cemetery.

Survived by his wife Caroline P. Fisher, a son Col. Sewell Fisher, USA, and a daughter Eleanor C. who is married to a naval officer.

RADM Fisher was born at Philadelphia, Pa., on December 10, 1875.

He was appointed a Cadet in the Revenue Cutter Service (forerunner of the Coast Guard) on November 16, 1895, at the age of 20.  His class of cadets was taught at the School of Instruction aboard the Cutter Chase at Baltimore, Maryland, long before the Coast Guard Academy of the present was established at New London, Conn.

Appts: Ensign, March 25, 1898; Lt(jg), December 21, 1901; LT, January 3, 1907; LCDR, February 6, 1917; CDR, May 24, 1923; CAPT, October 4, 1926.  Retired as a Rear Admiral on January 1, 1940.

Assigns:  During the 10 years prior to his retirement, he served as Commander, Great Lakes Division; Commander, Gulf Division, (Mobile); Commander, Southern Area; Commandant of the Depot (later Yard) at Curtis Bay (June 7, 1934 to July 1, 1937); Commander, Cleveland Division (July 1937 to October 1939).

Earlier Assigns: Steamer Manning; Dallas at New London; Boutwell at Baltimore; Galveston; Woodbury.  Cutter Bear at San Francisco (assigned March 1904).  McCulloch at Sausalito, Calif. (assigned Nov. 1904).  Rush at Seattle (assigned Nov. 1905).

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