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Commodore Beckwith Jordan


Commodore Beckwith Jordan, Untied States Coast Guard, was born 20 January, 1902, at Brookline, Mass., the son of James B. and Irene Upson Jordan.  He received his early education in the public school at Thompsonville, Conn., attended Gunnery School, Washington, Conn., from 1913 to 1920, being president of his class, and captain of the football, baseball, hockey and basketball teams.  Appointed a cadet in the U.S. Coast Guard 2 August, 1922, he received a commission as an ensign 24 October, 1924.

His first assignment to duty was on board the Destroyer Downes from which he was detached in May, 1925, to take command of Section Base 18, Woods Hole, Mass.  In December 1926 he was assigned as commander of Section Base 6, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., where he remained until November, 1928, to serve on board Tahoe.

During the next five years he served on board the cutters Shoshone and Ericsson and as commanding officer of the Hermes, Galatea and Argo and from July, 1936, was Assistant Coordinator for Southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island (law enforcement).

From June, 1936, to October, 1938, he served as engineering officer on the cutter Geo. W. Campbell and was commanding officer in addition to engineering officer for a period of four months.  He was then assigned as Chief Inspector, Defoe Boat and & Motor Works, in connection with the construction of harbor cutters Naugatuck and Raritan.

In March, 1939, he was assigned as assistant to the division Engineer, New York Division and in March, 1940, was transferred to the St. Louis District where he served as Chief of Staff, Engineering Officer, Aids to Navigation Officer, Captain of the Port, Acting District Coast Guard Officer and then was designated the District Coast Guard Officer of that district.  He was District commander of the Second Coast Guard District (formerly designated as St. Louis Coast Guard District).

He was commended in December, 1924 and May, 1928 for his assistance in law enforcement of rum-running activities.  He was commended in February, 1937, by President Roosevelt for the appearance of the Coast Guard Battalion in the Inaugural Parade; by the Commandant, Ninth Naval District, in March, 1945, for performance of duty in connection with delivery of new construction during unfavorable ice and flood conditions; by the Commandant, United States Coast Guard, in August, 1945, for outstanding performance of duty as District Coast Guard Officer in commanding and administering the Ferry Crews employed in delivery of amphibious craft built in the Mississippi Valley between July, 1942 and July, 1945; by the Commander in Chief, United States Atlantic Fleet, for services to ships of the Atlantic Fleet engaged in Navy Day visits to inland ports; by the Commandant, ninth Naval District, upon his being relieved of command of the Ninth Naval District; and by the Secretary of the Navy in September, 1946, for outstanding performance of duty as Acting, Assistant and District Coast Guard Officer, Ninth Naval District, from December, 1941 to October, 1945.

After receiving a commission as an ensign 24 October, 1924, he was promoted in rank as follows: Lieutenant (jg) 24 October, 1926; lieutenant, 24 October, 1928; lieutenant  commander, 24 October, 1932; commander, 17 July, 1942; captain, 1 June, 1943 and commodore in July, 1945.

Commodore Jordan married Louis Lozier Hay of Sioux City, Iowa and Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on 16 September, 1930 at Oakland, Calif. 

He is a member of the American Society of Naval Engineers and the St. Louis Committee of the Newcomen Society.

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