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Rear Admiral Ronald M. Polant


RADM Polant was appointed to Flag rank in 1988 and was assigned to Coast Guard Headquarters as Chief, Office of Command, Control and Communications. As such, he was the director of all Coast Guard computer, information technology, communications and electronics policy, oversight and support. In this capacity RADM Polant began the Coast Guard’s transition toward its present day modern use of information technology as a force multiplier; enabling the service to perform its myriad missions more effectively and more efficiently.

RADM Polant graduated from the Coast Guard Academy in 1959 and was assigned to the USCG Cutter Rockaway, where he served as Gunnery Officer and First Lieutenant. In 1960-61 he attended Navy Flight Training and, upon designation as a Coast Guard Aviator, was assigned to duty at CGAS Elizabeth City, NC, serving as a Search and Rescue (SAR) pilot, ordnance officer and co-pilot of the Coast Guard’s only electronic navigation systems survey aircraft.

In 1965 he was selected for postgraduate education at the USAF Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. There he earned a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1967 and was assigned to USCG Headquarters, first in the Engineering Avionics Branch and subsequently in the Research & Development SAR Branch. In this capacity he directed the development of an HC-130 aircraft radar for detecting small boats in stormy seas. 

From 1971 to 1974 he was Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at the US Coast Guard Academy as well as the Sailing Team coach.

In 1974 RADM Polant returned to aviation duty with tours as Operations Officer, CGAS Barbers Point, HI; Executive Officer, CGAS San Francisco, CA: and Commanding Officer CGAS Savannah, GA.

In 1980 he attended the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Washington, DC, while there he earned a Masters Degree in Public Administration from George Washington University.

From 1981 to 1987 RADM Polant was assigned to CGHQ being tasked with ever increasing responsibilitiesHe served sequential tours as R&D SAR Division Chief; Program Manager; Patrol Boat Replacement; Deputy Chief, Office of R&D; Task Lead, Office of Acquisition Implementation; and lastly, as the first Deputy Chief, Office of Acquisition.

In 1987 he was assigned as Chief of Staff, Fifth CG District, Portsmouth, VA. While serving in this position he was selected for Flag rank and assigned to CGHQ.

Upon retirement in 1992 he accepted a position with ARINC, Incorporated, in Annapolis, MD, where he developed a strategic business plan for aircraft systems integration and was subsequently Senior Director, Quality Management.

RADM Polant retired from ARINC in 2003 and accepted a position at OPTIMUS Corporation, McLean, VA, as Vice President, Quality Management. He retired from OPTIMUS in 2006.

RADM Polant’s main retirement activities are watercolor painting, traveling and boating. He is a widower and has three children and six grandchildren.

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