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Rear Admiral Floyd J. Sexton


Born 24 September, 1888, at Lapeer, N.Y., parents Michael and Nora Sexton – completed usual grad and high school courses, graduating from Marathon High School June 1904.  Entered Naval Academy as Midshipman July 1905 and resigned November, 1907.  Entered Revenue Cutter Service as Cadet at Arundel Cove, Curtis Bay, South Baltimore, Md.  May, 1909 and graduated CG Academy, New London, Conn. May, 1912.

May, 1912 – Assigned derelict destroyer Seneca at Tompkinsville, N.Y.

Feb., 1913 – Inaugurated first ice patrol, following the sinking of the Titanic the previous year.

1916 to 1917 – Served on Apache at Baltimore, Md, and Mackinac at Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.

Feb. to Nov., 1918 – Served on USS Tacoma as senior watch officer and assistant Navigator on ocean escort duty from N.Y. to Ireland.

1919 to 1921 – Served on cutters Gresham and Manning at Norfolk, Va.

1922 to 1924 – Served on cutter Bear, based on Oakland, Calif., and cruising to Artic Ocean each summer.

1925 – Served as executive officer on destroyer Conyngham on “rum” patrol.

Sept. 1925 to 1927 – Served as instructor in Navigation – Ordnance and Gunnery, and English at Academy at Fort Trumbull, New London, Conn.

1928 to 1931 – Served as Commanding Officer on destroyers Fanning and Tucker at New London, Conn., on “rum” patrol.

1931 to 1933 – Served as C.O. on Seminole at Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.

1933 to 1935 – Served as Chief of Staff, Cleveland Division, at Cleveland, Ohio.

1935 to 1939 – Served as C.O. on cutter Cayuga at Boston, Mass.

1939 to 1943 – Served as Chief of Staff, New York District, at New York, N.Y.

Aug. 1943 to Aug. 1945 – Served as DCGO – 14th ND. At Honolulu, Hawaii.

Sept. 1945 to Aug. 1946 – Served as member of permanent retiring board at N.Y., and as Western Inspector at San Francisco Calif.

27 August, 1946 – Assigned as Comdr. 4th CG District, at Philadelphia, PA.

17 August 1947 – Became Commander, 1st Coast Guard District, Boston (last duty).

In World War I, received Victory Medal with star for ocean escort duty.  Received letter of commendation from Secretary of Navy for duty as C.O. of cutter Cayuga in Spanish waters from July to October, 1936, during Spanish Revolution and Civil War.  In World War II, received Commendation ribbon from Secretary of Navy for duty as DCGO – 14th ND., August 1943 to 1945, also received following ribbons – American Defense, Pacific and Atlantic Theater, and Victory.

Promotions: Cadet, May 8, 1909; Ensign, May 31, 1912; Lt. (jg), December 1, 1916; Lieut., January 12, 1923; Lt. Comdr., April 21, 1924; Commander, 1931; Captain, December 1, 1941; Rear Admiral, advanced to RADM on retired list; Retired Oct. 1, 1949.

Wife – Barbara P. Sexton

Children – Frank M. Sexton, Barbara J. Clark, Kathleen A. Sexton

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