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Rear Admiral Merton W. Stoffle


Merton W. Stoffle was born in Pleasanton, Kansas, on 5 November 1912.  After attending local grad and high schools, he entered the University of Colorado, School of Engineering, in 1931.  He transferred to the College of Architecture, Cornell University, in 1933 and was awarded a Bachelor of Architecture Degree in 1938.  After working a year for an architectural firm, he enrolled for graduate study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was graduated in 1940 with a Masters Degree in Architecture.  He then took a position with the Panama Canal Department in the Canal Zone where he was employed in the Architectural Section.  He resigned from this position during World War II to enter the military service of the United States.

Merton W. Stoffle was commissioned a lieutenant (junior grade) in the United States Coast Guard Reserve in January 1942.  His first duty was at Coast Guard Headquarters, Washington, D.C. where he was assigned to the office of the Engineer-in-Chief.  During this tour of duty he was promoted to the grade of lieutenant (in October 1942).  In April 1943 he was assigned to duty afloat aboard the USCGC Campbell, a Secretary Class vessel operating on convoy duty in the American European Theatre.  In November 1943 he was transferred to Coast Guard Unit 80 in the Pacific Theatre where he served successively as Executive Officer and Commanding Officer.  His duties included the supervision of the construction of a Pacific Ocean.  For the speedy and successful completion of these stations, he was awarded a Commendation by the Commandant of the Coast Guard.  It was during this tour of duty that he was promoted to the grade of lieutenant commander.

In the fall of 1945, after the war, he was transferred back to Coast Guard Headquarters, Washington, D.C., and after a short tour of duty in the Civil Engineering Division, he was released from active duty in January 1946 pursuant to general demobilization.

After his release from active service, he took a position with an architectural firm in Boulder, Colorado.  He left this position after one year in order to form his own firm of architects known as Greene and Stoffle in Kingsport, Tennessee.  In 1948 he formed a new architectural firm in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he has lived ever since.  He was the senior partner of Stoffle and Finger, Architects.

Merton W. Stoffle has been active in the Coast Guard Reserve Training Program since 1952, when he performed his first tour of annual active duty for training of two weeks duration.  In April 1953 he was assigned as a member of Volunteer Training Unit 08-88361, New Orleans, Louisiana, and assumed the duties of Executive Officer on 1 July 1953.  He was appointed Commanding Officer of the unit on 1 July 1955.  Since it is Coast Guard policy to rotate the assignment of commanding officers of Volunteer Training Units, he was relieved of command on 30 June 1956.  However, he continued his membership in the unit.  He was performed two weeks or more of active duty for training during twelve of the last fifteen years, and, since 1953, he has earned in excess of 50 points creditable for retirement purposes in each of his anniversary years.  During this time of affiliation with the Reserve Training program he was promoted to the grade of commander in 1952, and to the grade of captain in 1961.

By nomination of the President in March 1967, and approval of the Senate, he was appointed to rank as Rear Admiral from May 11, 1967.

Merton W. Stoffle has been active in community affairs in New Orleans for many years.  He is a member of the Kiwanis Club and the Chamber of Commerce of New Orleans.  He has also taken an active part in the United Fund of the Greater New Orleans Area and in local Civil Defense Activities.

He is married to the former Margaret Bolton of Boulder Colorado.  They have one son and one daughter.

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