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Rear Admiral Steve Andersen


Rear Admiral Steve Andersen assumed duties as the Judge Advocate General and Chief Counsel of the Coast Guard in July 2016. He had the privilege to lead a dedicated group of legal professionals who are responsible for the delivery of all legal services in support of the Coast Guard's missions, its units and its people.

Rear Admiral Andersen’s previous assignment was the Assistant Commandant for Intelligence where he had the honor to serve with the Coast Guard’s 1,100 intelligence professionals who were accountable for the Service’s intelligence programs, to include counterintelligence, cyber, and cryptology. Prior to that he had the honor to serve four years as the Commanding Officer of Legal Service Command in Norfolk, Virginia, where he led the dedicated men and women of the Coast Guard’s nationwide legal command.

Other rewarding assignments include: a one-year deployment at NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan where he served as chief of anti-corruption; three years in command of Coast Guard Base Portsmouth; Deputy Chief of the Maintenance and Logistics Command Atlantic Legal Division, military judge, operational law attorney for Atlantic Area and the Fifth District, and Assistant Legal Officer at the Seventh District Office in Miami.

Rear Admiral Andersen began his career serving as student engineer aboard CGC STEADFAST, and as Commanding Officer on CGC CAPE KNOX and CGC STURGEON BAY. Andersen graduated from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in 1985. He entered the Coast Guard legal program after receiving a Juris Doctor from George Mason University School of Law in 1997 and is a member of the Virginia Bar. 

Rear Admiral Andersen wears several decorations, which are all a direct result of the professionalism, loyalty, and excellence of the men and women with whom he served. His 2012 receipt of the ABA’s Outstanding Military Service Career Judge Advocate Award is one such example.

Rear Admiral Andersen retired on 1 July 2020.

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