Chief [Warrant] Gunner Elmer L. HICKS, USCG
"Chief [Warrant] Gunner Elmer L. HICKS, USCG, has designed an adapter for a .50 caliber Browning machine gun on top of the recoil cylinder of the 81mm seagoing mortar mount which may eventually be standard armament on all Coast Guard cutters. The accompanying picture shows Chief Gunner HICKS beside his mount. The 81mm is designated a mortar but it can also be fired by trigger. It is light weight, has a simple pedestal mount and can be operated in train and elevation by one man. A variety of ammunition types are available to this gun making it a very effective weapon for WPB Class Coast Guard Cutters. The stability provided by using the 81mm mortar as a platform also increases the accuracy of the .50 caliber gun." No date; photographer unknown.

Photo by: na |  VIRIN: 240616-G-ZZ999-112.JPG