Argo, WPC-100
Argo, WPC-100 From the collection of Argo's CO in 1945, LTJG Eliot Winslow. Photo was taken by LTJG Winslow and remained part of his personal collection. His hand-written caption reads: "The Finger: May 19, 1945, Kapitanen Leutnaut [sic] Jahann Heinrich Fehler was captain of the 1600 ton submarine U-234 bound for Japan with a $5,000,000 cargo of mercury and tons of blue prints of the latest robot bombs and jet-propelled planes. He complained bitterly when ordered with 4 of his officers to sit on the deck with arms folded. Informed by the interpreter of the situation I went below and ordered the guards to "shoot any prisoner who as much as scratched his head without permission. An apology must accompany every shooting. When Fehler was about to disembark, he was still growling. He was informed to saving his grumbling for the captain who would be at the gangway. When asked by the interpreter what were his troubles, he replied first in German. Then turning to me, he said in good English, 'Ach -- my men have been treated like gangsters.' I had been simmering for an hour but that remark brought me to a boil. With eyes meeting head on, I barked 'that's what you are GET OFF!' My outstretched arm pointed to the gangway. Strange as it may seem there was no profanity for the moment, but I must confess the air was blue for 5 minutes while I muttered to myself. . ." Courtesy of the Winslow family.

Photo by: US Coast Guard |  VIRIN: 170531-G-XX000-332.JPG