Argo, WPC-100
Argo, WPC-100 From the collection of Argo's CO in 1945, LTJG Eliot Winslow. Photo was taken by LTJG Winslow and remained part of his personal collection. His hand-written caption reads: "Heavy Seas: While awaiting the surrender of the German U-boats, the ARGO rode out a 65 m.p.h. blow. This picture looking aft shows the life boat normally 16 feet above the water, rolling into a heavy sea, most of which broke over the side of the ship. This roll was 41 [degrees] the maximum roll ever recorded was 62 [degrees] in a hurricane, when the life raft seen in the top of the picture was half submerged. So much green water poured down the stack the fires in the galley range and boile[r] were extinguished. We had more Christians aboard after the storm than when we sailed." Courtesy of the Winslow family.

Photo by: US Coast Guard |  VIRIN: 170531-G-XX000-334.JPG