1944 - U-550 Goes Down
"NAZI'S ABANDON SUB MORTALLY WOUNDED BY DEPTH CHARGES -- Panicky Nazi seamen pour out of the conning tower to the deck of a submarine [U-550] blasted to the surface by depth charges accurately planted by Coast Guard and Navy destroyer escorts somewhere in the Atlantic. Some of the Germans are plainly visible on the stricken raider's sea-washed topside; others already have plunged into the sea. A few minutes later the crippled U-Boat made its death dive to the bottom. Twelve Nazi's were picked up and became prisoners of war aboard the Coast Guard-manned DE from which this dramatic picture was made [USS Joyce]." Official Coast Guard Photo # 2556 USCG Historian's Office Special Collections Archive & Library; World War II Subject File; "North Atlantic Campaign" box. 2nd floor archives room, Atkins Hall.