ENC Silas Jackson, USCG - A Trailblazing African American Coast Guard Recruiting Officer
Chief Engineman (ENC) Silas Jackson, USCG, a trailblazing African American Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer. According to MCPOCG Vince Patton, Jr., USCG (Ret.) - "Also, I've confirmed that the photo of the Black CPO with the recruiting badge is indeed (then known as ENC) Silas Jackson. Photo was taken when he was on recruiting duty in NYC. Date unknown, but it had to have been prior to 1975, as I met him when I went to recruiting school in Sept 1975, and he was wearing the 'Bender Blues' by that time and was an MKC. The Engineman (EN) rating became Machinery Technician (MK) in 1974."