Waco J2W-1

May 3, 2022

Waco J2W-1

Waco on tarmac

Manufacturer: Waco Aircraft Company

Wingspan: 35’ 0”

Height: 8’ 7-1/2”

Length: 25’ 8-1/2”

Wing Area: 244 square feet

Empty Weight: 2,050 lbs.

Gross Weight: 3,350 lbs.

Fuel Capacity: 70 gallons

Oil Capacity: 5 gallons

Crew/Passengers: 5

Engine: Jacobs L-4, R-755

Take-Off Power: 225 hp

Propellers: 1 Hamilton Standard, two-position

Top Speed: 159 mph

Cruise Speed: 140 mph

Sea-Level Climb: 760 fpm

Stall Speed: 55 mph

Range: 600 miles

Service Ceiling: 16,000 feet

Historical Information:

The Coast Guard purchased three Waco cabin model EQC-6 biplanes for use with the newly commissioned Treasury Class cutters as observation craft.  They were purchased under contract number TCG-26.677 which stipulated a unit cost of $12,054.00 per aircraft.  They entered service in March, 1937 and were given Coast Guard numbers of: CG-157, 158 and 159.

They were extremely versatile and could be used with standard wheels, skis, or floats.  One aircraft was assigned to the USCGC Spencer before being transferred to Air Station Brooklyn.  Eventually all three aircraft were transferred to the Texas Air Patrol Detachment.  Unfortunately all three were destroyed in crashes in 1939: the CG 157 crashing in January, 1939, CG-158 in April, 1939, and CG-159 in October, 1939.


Waco with skis

Waco J2W-1 on skis, photo taken at the Waco Aircraft Company hanger, Troy, Ohio, 1937; port side view; Photo No. C542.

Waco on tarmac

No caption, date, photo number; photographer unknown.


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