Vultee SNV-1 "Valiant"

May 5, 2022

 U.S. Coast Guard Aviation History

Vultee SNV-1 "Valiant"
A photo of a Coast Guard aircraft

"Vultee SNV-1, 1942-1945.  Two of these 'Valiant' BT-13A aircraft were purchased by the Coast Guard for $75,413 each.  Better known as the VIBRATOR, it had a cruise speed of 145 knots and a stall speed of 45 knots.  V222 and V223 were used for instrument training and some utility work.  Powered by a Pratt and Whitney R985-AN-1 WASP engine with a Hamilton Standard two position propeller."; no date/photo number; photographer unknown; In flight, view from below off starboard, forward.

Additional Information:

The Coast Guard purchased two SNV-1s in 1942 for use as instrument flying trainers and for various utility duties.  They apparently remained in service until 1945 although little is known about their wartime assignments or their ultimate disposition.  As of 28 February 1943 they were both stationed at Coast Guard Air Station Biloxi.