Schreck/Viking OO-1 Flying Boat

May 5, 2022

Schreck/Viking OO-1 Flying Boat

Viking OO1

Historical Information:

The Coast Guard acquired a Schreck seaplane in 1931 as a "Seaplane Experimental" (as it was listed in the Coast Guard Register).  The amphibian proved to be an "excellent craft for landing in the sea."  The Coast Guard gave this particular aircraft the tail number "No. 8," which was later changed to "V-107."  When the Viking Flying Boat Company of New Haven acquired the manufacturing rights to build the Schreck in the U.S., the Coast Guard ordered five more of these versatile seaplanes (V-152 through V-156).  V-107 was destroyed by fire in March 1934 and V-152 crashed and was written off in March 1939.

These seaplanes flew out of air stations at Biloxi, Cape May, Charleston, Miami, and St. Petersburg.

Viking OO-1

Viking OO-1, No. V-152 showing landing gear. No number/date/caption  This is the seaplane that crashed in March, 1939.

Viking OO-1 in flight

Viking OO-1 in flight; no number/date/caption.

Viking OO-1

Viking OO-1 coming up the landing ramp, head-on; no number/date/caption


Viking OO-1

Viking OO-1, No. V-152, taxiing in the water, 1937; Photo Number 09303718, no caption.


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