Martin 4-0-4; RM-1; RM-1Z; VC-3A

June 3, 2022

Martin 4-0-4; RM-1; RM-1Z; VC-3A


Historical Information:

The Coast Guard acquired two Martin 4-0-4's in 1952.  An article announcing their delivery stated:

"Coast Guard gets new airplane.  Captain C. B. Olsen, who heads air operations for the Coast Guard, receives from George M. Bunker, president of the Glenn L. Martin Company, the papers turning over to him the first of two Martin 4-0-4 type transport aircraft. . . Similar to the twin-engine airplanes now in service on Eastern Air Lines and Trans World Airlines, the Coast Guard ships have been adapted to the special requirements of the service and will be used in logistics operations as well as transport service." [Coast Guard Magazine, January, 1953, p. 39] 

 They were initially designated RM-1 but this changed to RM-1Z after their interiors were upgraded.  The designation again changed as per a DoD directive to VC-3A.   They were given Coast Guard serial numbers 1282 and 1283.  Each was stationed at National Airport and served as executive transports for the Commandant and the Secretary of Treasury (until April 1967--then the Secretary of Transportation).

The aircraft were retired in 1969 and turned over to the U.S. Navy who gave them Bureau Numbers 158202 and 158203.

Martin RM-1 at Saint Thomas, VI

Original caption: "USCG RM-1 plane at Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands [;] VADM A. C. Richmond's visit."; dated 26 April 1958; Slide No. SL-5008; photographer unknown.


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