Fairchild C-123B "Provider"

June 3, 2022

Fairchild C-123B "Provider"


The Coast Guard acquired eight of the medium-sized cargo aircraft to support LORAN stations which were positioned around the world, many in very remote locations.  The service acquired the first aircraft in 1958 and the final seven in 1961.  The final C-123B in the Coast Guard's inventory was retired in 1972.  According to Pearcy, two of the aircraft were used for spare parts for the other six.


Fairchild C-123B on Guam; May, 1972.  Photo by Brian W. Harris.
Photo courtesy of Brian W. Harris.

Fairchild C-123B; No caption/date/photo number; photographer unknown.  14th Coast Guard District photo.

A photo of a Coast Guard C-123 Fairchild

Fairchild C-123B; "C-123 Fairchild, 7th Coast Guard Dist., Miami."; 1971; no photo number; photo by Dan R. Boyd, PH3, USCG.

Fairchild C-123B; "C-123 taken before 1970 when new stripe was implemented for Coast Guard aircraft; USCG C-123B at Crestview, Florida, courtesy of Fairchild Hiller Corp."; no date (probably a delivery photo, probably circa 1960); Photo No. 44-730; photographer unknown; Fairchild Hiller Corporation photo.

Fairchild C-123B; no caption; 16 May 1961; Photo/Neg. No. 1847-K; photo by Robert Kleine; USCG ARSC Elizabeth City photo.


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