Convair P4Y-2G "Privateer"

June 3, 2022

Consolidated P4Y-2G Privateer



The Coast Guard acquired a total of eleven of these patrol craft from the U.S. Navy beginning in 1946.  The expanding search and rescue duties necessitated increasing the number of multi-engine aircraft in the inventory and the Navy had such aircraft to spare.

These modified B-24's served from Guam, Barber's Point, San Francisco, and San Diego until the aircraft were returned to the Navy in the mid-1950's..


No official caption/date/photo number; photographer unknown.



P4Y-2G, Bureau No. 56306, no date.

P4Y-2G, Bureau No. 59688, 18 October 1958, AIRSTA San Diego.

PB4Y-2G, Overall Blue Paint Scheme, AIRSTA Barber’s Point, 23 November 1948.


Aircraft files, Coast Guard Historian's Office.

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The Historian's Office is indebted to Mr. Todd Hackbarth for compiling much of the information we have on the Coast Guard's Privateers.