Consolidated N4Y-1

June 3, 2022

Consolidated N4Y-1

Consolidated N4Y-1 on runway

Consolidated N4Y-1; "N4Y-1 (Consolidated) U.S. Coast Guard two seated land plane No. CG-310 (110) commissioned August 1932.  Decommissioning date unknown.  Only one of this model known to be in service."

Historical Information:

The Coast Guard purchased a single N4Y-1 under an Army Air Corps contract in 1932 for $8,000.00.  It operated through 1941 as a training aircraft out of Air Station Cape May.  According to Pearcy, "Initially numbered CG-10, it later became 310 and even later V110.  The N4Y-1 served until 1941 after being commissioned during August 1932.  During 1939 it was based with the Coast Guard at Biloxi, Mississippi."  


Coast Guard Historian's Office Consolidated N4Y-1 File.

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