Convair PB2Y-3/5 "Coronado"

June 3, 2022

Consolidated PB2Y-3/5 "Coronado"

A photo of a Coast Guard aircraft

Historical Information:

The Coast Guard acquired two PB2Y's in 1944 and three more in 1945.  They were used for long-range search and rescue operations as well as anti-submarine patrols.  One of these seaplanes was a unique PB2Y-5H (BuNo 7138), a modified PB2Y with the capacity to carry 25 stretchers in the cabin.  The PB2Y-5 models were fitted with four Pratt & Whitney 1830-92 low altitude engines and given greater fuel capacity.  Apparently all Coast Guard-operated PB2Y's were based out of Air Station San Francisco.

They were all withdrawn from service in 1946.

Coronado patrol bomber in flight

"Four of these CORONADO patrol bombers were operated by the Coast Guard during the latter part of World War II.  They were used for ASW patrol and long range search and rescue.  Powered by four Pratt and Whitney WASP R1830-92 engines, this monster seaplane was ideal for extended flights far over the ocean."; No date; National Archives (Navy) Photo No. 80-G-36572; photographer unknown; In flight, view from starboard, profile.

Coronado patrol bomber with landing gear

"Navy patrol bomber."; 16 January 1945; USN Photo No. 380674; photographer unknown; On tarmac with detachable landing gear in place, view from starboard forward quarter.


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