Oct. 29, 2021

The Long Blue Line: Cold War Cutter Courier—“Valiant fighter in the cause of freedom” 

I am speaking to you today from a ship. It is a special kind of ship, and it will perform a very special mission. This vessel will not be armed with guns, or with any instruments of destruction. But it will be a valiant fighter in the cause of freedom. It will carry a precious cargo--and that cargo is truth. ~ President Harry S Truman, U.S. Coast

Oct. 22, 2021

The Long Blue Line: Satterlee—the last full measure of devotion

Captain Satterlee was a particularly competent and efficient officer and made a record of which the best might well be proud.    “Official Record of Charles Satterlee,” Coast Guard Personnel Office, October 18, 1918Charles Satterlee was born in Essex, Connecticut, in 1875. His naval career began after completing the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service’s

Oct. 15, 2021

The Long Blue Line: Pacific War veteran Sy Siegel, 101 years strong and still Semper Paratus! 

Sy Siegel is one of many distinguished combat veterans of the long blue line.

Oct. 8, 2021

The Long Blue Line: GITMO Lighthouse standing the watch for 120 years, still Semper Paratus!

It has been 121 years since the Guantanamo Lighthouse was built, remaining Semper Paratus thanks to numerous Coast Guard members who have preserved this unique piece of Coast Guard history.

Oct. 5, 2021

The Long Blue Line: USS Durant—Coast Guard and Navy warship of World War II and Cold War

Surprisingly, in the Coast Guard’s 230-year history, the service has operated very few purpose-built naval warships. However, during World War II, Coast Guardsmen operated a number of smaller classes of warships, including sub chasers, patrol gunboats, patrol craft, patrol frigates, and destroyer escorts. The USS Durant (DE-389) was one of several

Sept. 24, 2021

The Long Blue Line: Cesar Romero—a Hollywood star, but just another guy in the Coast Guard

From Hollywood Star to Coast Guard war hero - the story of Cesar Romero.

Sept. 10, 2021

The Long Blue Line: Vincent Danz—9/11 hero and FRC namesake

Others lived due to his heroic efforts. Here's the story of PS2 Vincent G. Danz.

Sept. 10, 2021

The Long Blue Line: 20 years after 9/11—a day that changed the Coast Guard forever

How the Coast Guard has evolved over the past 20 year

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CGD 24 Wainwright Unknown port; photo taken from quarterdeck of unnamed USCG cutter. Boston? Photo...
USCG patrol boats during Prohibition
"Coast Guard Destroyer Downes (From a Painting by the Destroyer Force Bugle Staff Artist, Marius...
"Ensign Roland making end run, Coast Guard-Marine game, Washington, D.C., 1929." Scanned from...
"1929 - Coast Guard Football Team - 1929. Back Row: -Lieut. Baker, Coast and Manager; Wineke,...
A photo of Coast Guard Destroyer CONYNGHAM on patrol during Prohibition.
Coast Guard Destroyer's baseball team (no date).
Hand-written caption on reverse of photo reads: "Officers and crew of CGC Beale (Navy destroyer...
Hand-written caption on reverse of photo reads: "R R Waesche Sr., CGC Snohomish, Port Angeles, or...
"BEALE (CG-9) (Of the old U.S. Coast Guard Destroyer Force - 1924-1930) An early 20th century...
"Engineroom Force of the Coast Guard Cutter PONTCHARTRAIN. 3-5-29 (1)." CCG Scrapbook (CG...
Copy photo found in the CG Historian's Office Special Collections Archive in the "Uniforms" folder....

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