Photographs, including reproductions and scans of drawings, illustrations, and images, depicting the U.S. Coast Guard and its five predecessor agencies: the Revenue Cutter Service, the Life-Saving Service, the Lighthouse Service, the Bureau of Navigation, and the Steamboat Inspection Service from the Coast Guard Archives and Special Collections, Coast Guard, and National Archives.

NOTE: Images provided are in the public domain.

Images & Photographs
Coast Guard Captains Edward Fritzche (left) and Miles Imlay (right) discuss the invasion of Omaha Beach on a relief map laid out in the hold of the Samuel Chase.
The Coast Guard LCI(L)-85, battered by enemy fire after approaching Omaha Beach, prepares to evacuate the troops she was transporting to an awaiting transport.  The "85" sank shortly after this photograph was taken.  The LCI(L)-85 was one of four Coast Guard LCI's that were destroyed on D-Day.
A Coast Guard-manned LCVP from the U.S.S. Samuel Chase disembarks troops of the First Division on the morning of 6 June 1944 at Omaha Beach
Tampa Liberty Line Wilkie
Tampa ex Miami
VADM Robert I. Price
Coast Guard Seal
Blue Dress Uniform 1928
Undress Blue A Uniform
Bender Blues Uniform 1972
Uniform circa 1950
Tropical Khaki Uniforms 1944
Blue Dress Uniform 1926
Khaki Uniforms
Blue Dress Uniform 1929
White Dress Uniform 1926
Blue Dress Uniform 1928
Bender Blues Uniform 1972
Class A Blues 1959
Dress Blue B Uniform 1943